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Online Photo Printing: T-Shirt

Superior quality polyester / cotton, fully washable T-Shirts. Your own photograph, logo or other customised design incorporated to your individual requirements. Any photographic or other images of your choice incorporated. (Sizes shown in brackets represent maximum image size).

To discuss any aspect of your order or to inquire about our other services, please contact us:

Phone: 01700 502 907

Available Sizes:

Note: The dimensions in parentheses indicate the maximum printable area.

  • Child: 3-4 (280x300mm): £9.00 each
  • Child: Infant (190x230mm): £9.00 each
  • Child: 7-8 (320x460mm): £9.00 each
  • Child: 5-6 (300x310mm): £9.00 each
  • Child: 4-5 (290x310mm): £9.00 each
  • Child: 6-7 (310x350mm): £9.00 each
  • Adult: Small (440x520mm): £12.50 each
  • Adult: Medium (470x530mm): £12.50 each
  • Adult: Large (490x590mm): £12.50 each
  • Adult: XXL (550x620mm): £13.00 each
  • Adult: XL (510x600mm): £13.00 each

Don't forget, we can print your photos onto a range of other products as well.