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Marcus Hislop

I’m a self-taught Glaswegian artist living in Govan and working in the East End of Glasgow. I run The Notorious Gasoline Company, an art studio making exuberant pop art and wonderful abstract work. For nearly a decade, I have been producing a massive body of work ranging from pop cultural icons to massive, colourful abstractions.

Recently I decided to experiment with a whole range of new materials such as fluid acrylics, textural gels and high quality resins. I found quickly that I enjoyed mixing these media to make my own wee worlds. After a few experiments, I decided to make heavy textural study of Loch Lomond. It looked good enough to spur me on to make something more detailed and relevant.

My family have been visiting Bute for decades, with both grandparents and parents visiting throughout their lives. As luck would have it, my parents were able to buy a wee flat opposite the castle and I now visit as often as the weather allows. Bute, was the obvious choice for my next mixed media ‘map’. I plan to do a wide range of subjects using my newly-found techniques and media, but I think I will constantly return to Bute for inspiration and would love to make a much larger version of ‘Doon The Water’. Watch this space.

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