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Liz Wren

I achieved Higher art at school and fully intended to go to Art School, instead I had a change of heart and trained at The Glasgow Royal Infirmary to become a Registered General Nurse, followed by midwifery at the Rankin in Greenock. After many years on the wards around the UK, I retired, with my husband, home to Bute.

It was on reading the Buteman that I had my "Aha" moment. The local art club were seeking new members and I, after many years of nursing, joined the Bute art club on a Monday afternoon. As it was decades since I had had time to touch a paintbrush, I was nervous but delighted to find my old skills returning. I was greatly encouraged by the members of the club. I then joined up with the Saturday Art club and again got support and encouragement from the group. Bute is so fortunate to have two such active art clubs.

I find that watercolour lends itself to the scenery on Bute, the changing colours of the seasons continue to inspire me, no two days are alike. I enjoy painting in this medium, but also use acrylics which give a stronger more vibrant result. Although I enjoy painting Bute scenery, I also find that living so near the Old Quay at Kilchattan, the various boats and yachts that moor just outside our home, give me further inspiration. I am often asked by the visiting owners to paint their boats moored at the Bay. This can be great fun when having to deliver the finished works depends on the state of the tides and weather!

One of the things I also do is to depict people's houses or favourite spots on Bute. I do commissions on request, and am always delighted when people are pleased with them.

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