Artists Featured on Picture Bute

At Picture Bute, we are very proud to feature work by some extremely talented local artists, artisans and photographers. At the moment we are currently featuring work by the following artists. Please click on their name for more information on themselves and their artwork:

  • Brian Large

    Brian Large
    Brian was born in the Dumbrek area of Glasgow, his family later moving to Clarkston where he was educated at Williamwood and Eastwood high schools. It was the head of art at the former who encouraged Brian to develop his artistic talent.
  • Liz Wren

    Liz Wren
    I achieved Higher art at school and fully intended to go to Art School, instead I had a change of heart and trained at The Glasgow Royal Infirmary to become a Registered General Nurse, followed by midwifery at the Rankin in Greenock. After many years on the wards around the UK, I retired, with my husband, home to Bute.
  • Marcus Hislop

    Marcus Hislop
    I’m a self-taught Glaswegian artist living in Govan and working in the East End of Glasgow. I run The Notorious Gasoline Company, an art studio making exuberant pop art and wonderful abstract work. For nearly a decade, I have been producing a massive body of work ranging from pop cultural icons to massive, colourful abstractions.
  • Raymond Murray

    Raymond Murray
    Raymond Murray is a highly talented artist with a unique style. He was born and bred in Greenock and the old seafaring town is still an inspiration for some of his work. He now works from his studio on the Isle of Bute off the west coast of Scotland
  • Stirling Gillespie

    Stirling Gillespie
    Stirling Gillespie was a Bute artist who specialised in landscapes - usually watercolour but also a few oils - featuring the west of Scotland. He was born in 1908, and died 1993.
  • T Monarch

    T Monarch
    My connection with Bute began in 1975 with a casual weekend stay. My impression of the island was such that it started to change my outlook on life. Over the following years my wife and I returned to Bute more and more, and eventually we bought a wee holiday cottage.
  • Vanessa Sharples

    Vanessa Sharples
    I'm a photographer based in Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire but I spend a lot of time travelling around ski resorts, especially during the winter months.